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Social and governance performance

Consolidated social and governance data

Labor practices & human rights

The total number of employees at year-end 2016 was 6,441, compared with 6,485 at year-end 2015. The slight decrease was mainly due to the reorganization in 2016.


Novozymes continued to strengthen diversity within the organization while upholding the principles of merit-based selection and promotion. In 2016, 36% of the employees promoted were female, compared with 41% in 2015.


Novozymes’ employee absence rate remained at 2.0% in 2016. Region-specific initiatives have been drawn up to reduce absences.


Occupational health & safety

In 2016, the frequency of occupational accidentsNo. of occupational accidents x 1,000,000 Total no. of contractual working hours for all employees x 1,600 decreased to 2.2 per million working hours from 2.5 per million working hours in 2015. As the majority of the accidents involved falls or trips, a new program has been launched across all sites to raise awareness and reduce these types of accidents.



In 2016, Novozymes launched eight new products compared with six product launches in 2015. See the full list of new products in Novozymes in a nutshell.


Business ethics

99% of Novozymes’ employees completed business integrity training in 2016, compared with 98% in 2015.


The number of investigated fraud cases increased from 25 in 2015 to 44 in 2016. None of the investigated fraud cases, in both 2015 and 2016, had a material financial impact on Novozymes.



Corporate Citizenship

In 2016, Novozymes engaged with more than 106,000 learnersA learner is a person who has been engaged in a Novozymes EDUCATE activity, for example a workshop or an educational activity that requires active participation from the learner., compared with approximately 25,000 in 2015.

Customer satisfaction measurement

A customer satisfaction survey was conducted among Novozymes’ customers in 2016. The results show a high level of satisfaction, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +45 on a scale from -100 to +100.


Frequency of accidents (per million working hours)
Business integrity training for employees*
% * Data for 2012-2014 have not been adjusted to reflect updated accounting policies.
  • Training completion rate

Consolidated social and governance data

Labor practices & human rights 
Employees, total 2.3No.6,4416,485
Women 2.3%37.737.5
Men 2.3%62.362.5
Rate of absence 8.1%2.02.0
Employees promoted who are women 8.1%3641
"Satisfaction and motivation" score in employee survey 8.1No.7677
"Opportunities for professional and personal development" score in employee survey 8.1No.7980
Occupational health & safety 
Fatalities No.--
Frequency of occupational accidents 8.2Per million working hours2.22.5
Frequency of occupational diseases 8.2Per million working hours0.71.2
New products2.4No.86
Active patent families2.4No.1,1231,164
Business ethics 
Completion of business integrity training for employees* 8.3%9998
Breaches of competition law 8.3No.--
Investigated fraud cases* 8.3No.4425
Corporate Citizenship 
Estimated number of learners reached* 8.4No.106,00025,000
Customer satisfaction measurement 
Net Promoter Score (NPS)8.5No. (-100 to +100)45n.a
Reference to notes without data 
Responsible sourcing8.6n.a.n.a.

* Data for 2012-2014 have not been adjusted to reflect updated accounting policies.